SAI360 Customer Portal Quick Start Guide


SAI360 is proud to present the new SAI360 Customer Portal for all SAI360 customers.

We are excited to expand upon the SAI360 customer support experience with the expanded functionality and updated look and feel of our new customer portal. We offer new self-service and self-help capabilities so you can request services and submit tickets at your convenience.

You will now be able to easily access Knowledge Base articles specific to your SAI360 products. In the coming months, we will continue to add more self-service documents to our portal, including “how-to’s” and documentation of known issues and their solution or workaround to help you manage your SAI360 solutions. 

For collaboration, we are launching Communities, where you will be able to start or participate in conversations regarding your SAI360 products! Please note that issues still must be submitted through a ticket in order to access SAI360 Support.

There is specific guidance and instructions per section on how to get started, find resources, and more.

If you have feedback regarding the new portal, or any issues using it, please submit a ticket and we will happily assist you!

How to Log On for the First Time

Is this the first time you will be interacting with SAI360 support? Please drop us an e-mail at and we will assist you in setting up your account.

Did you already communicate with us via e-mail? Then you can follow the steps below to create your account.

  1. Please browse to:
  2. Click on: “Forgot password” 
  3. Your new password will arrive shortly via the email address you supplied
  4. You can now log on with your email address and your new password

Note: If you have any issues logging on, please don’t hesitate to contact the SAI360 Support team via email ( and we’ll happily assist you.


Landing Page

Welcome on the new Landing Page of the SAI360 Customer Portal! Via the landing page, you will have access to:

  • Support Tickets
    • (Your) Open & Resolved Tickets (some users only have view rights).
    • You can add comments and attachments to your Open Tickets and submit new tickets (some users only have view rights).
  • Knowledge Base Articles
    • Articles for your SAI360 products will be available
    • Release notes can be found here
    • If applicable, here is also where you will find downloads
    • Featured Articles or Announcements
  • Communities
    • Read the latest topics from other customers
    • Post your own questions or experiences
    • Participate in discussions regarding SAI360 Products
  • The latest SAI360 News, Events & Webinars


Customer Portal Features

Support Tickets

Access your open Support Tickets by clicking “My Open Requests & Activities” in the upper right corner or via the Support button on the Landing Page. Here you will be able to view your Open & Resolved Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles you follow, and any activity on Communities.

You will be able to find your tickets by Status and add comments and attachments to your Open Tickets. Or open a new ticket by clicking: Submit a new Request.

When you submit a new request, you can select the situation that is most applicable to you. For example: “I have an issue” or “I have a question.” This allows you to fill in the information we need to assist you in the most optimal way.

During the process of submitting a ticket, we will also offer suggestions from our Knowledge Base. As we are continuously improving our self-service capabilities, chances are that we can provide you a solution even before you submit the ticket. Is your solution not there? Please continue to submit your ticket and we are happy to assist you.

Note: Partners will be able to submit tickets on behalf of their linked customers.

Knowledge Base

We have improved our Knowledge Base and will continue to add to this content area so you always have up-to-date resources. When you view articles on our Knowledge Base, you will see content specific to your SAI360 products. We encourage you to use the search functionality to find even more information that may not be listed. In our Knowledge Base you will also find Release Notes, Downloads, and Documentation.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please let us know via a Support Ticket!


With the new SAI360 Customer Portal, we are launching communities for all SAI360 customers!

We currently have the following sections available for posting:

  • General
  • SAI360 GRC (formerly, BWise)
  • SAI360 Compliance
  • SAI360 EHS
  • SAI360 Learning (Ethics & Compliance)

Here you can read the latest topics from other customers, post your own questions or experiences, and participate in discussions regarding SAI360 Products.  Please know that our forums are meant to share experiences with other SAI360 customers or to ask questions and discuss further with other SAI360 customers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the forums will be moderated, customers should still submit tickets to Support for any issues.


Thank You

We want to thank you for being a valued SAI360 customer. We will continue to improve upon your support experience and we hope you enjoy the new SAI360 Customer Portal.

Please reach out in case you have any questions, issues, or a suggestion for improvement.

And before we forget: As we continuously strive to improve our service, we encourage you to let us know your feedback after we resolved your ticket. We are sending out a satisfaction survey for every resolved ticket and we do take your feedback seriously.

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