EHS & Sustainability course offerings: an overview

The Academy offers courses to different EHS&S user groups:

  • Administrators
  • Professional users
  • End users 

You will find more information on course content and durations in the EHS&S course catalog (you can download it at the end of the page). To learn more about our course offerings: click here to view the video.



Administrators will learn how to perform basic and advanced administration and configuration tasks.

  • Admin Essentials: manage users, persons, referential data and additional administration tasks
  • Admin Advanced: configure existing elements of the application
  • An additional eLearning course covers configuring and importing questionnaire templates


Professional Users

Professional users will learn how to optimize use of the application to conduct their business efficiently:

  • Introduction to EHS&S (eLearning): an overview of how the application supports your EHS&S business processes; navigation, working with records, common functionality and generic tasks.
  • Reporting Essentials: discover the business intelligence capabilities within the web application (list views, reports, dashboards and exports)


End user

We offer interactive and engaging training programs integrated within the application to assist your end users in efficiently performing specific tasks without leaving their workflow:

  • In-product training: an integrated performance support layer over the software solution providing guided, task-based walkthroughs to assist users while performing tasks in real-time.
  • Quick reference cards: easily accessible one-page help sheets describing the most common tasks.
  • Instructional videos: short, narrated, task-based video tutorials.
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