GRC (BWise) course offerings: an overview

The Academy offers courses for different GRC/BWise expertise areas:

You will find more information on the course content and course duration in the SAI360 course catalog



The solution courses provide an overview how the Solution supports one of the GRC end-to-end process. During the course, the trainee will learn how to map the organization's GRC process to the solution.


Functional Administrator

The Functional Administrator (FA) is responsible for the functional stability of the application. The Functional Administrator configures the applications, works with the Technical Administrator on the technical installation and supports the end users.

The Functional Administrator course is formally assessed using an online exam (available in the Academy Learning Center). After passing the exam, a student will be certified as Functional Administrator.


Portlets and User Interfaces

The portlet course are explaining the basic functionality of using portlets in the application and the advanced features to build portlets.

A special portlet course explains the basic mechanisms of portlets in the user interface V3 (VUE). 



The Academy offers four reporting courses, the first two introduce key and end business users to the standard reporting functionality (BI Launch Pad/WebI), and the last two are for BI professionals who will be responsible for developing and maintaining BWise reports and universes. 

  • Introducing Reporting with BWise (e-Learning)
  • BI Level 1: Discovering Reporting with BWise
  • BI Level 2: Advanced BWise Report Development
  • BI Level 3: BWise Reporting Universes Development


One Assessment Type

The basic One Assessment Type course provides an overview of the functionality. In the advanced One Assessment Type course, the trainee will learn to build an assessment based upon the one assessment type mechanism.


How we can support your end users

We have a long experience in supporting organizations in making the digital adoption work for your users of the solutions

Via tailor-made learning programs (virtual/ onsite classroom, eLearning, video, webinars) and In-product Support in the solution, your users will become proficient users and you will get the best out-of-your solution.

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